by means of rebirth

by birds in paintings can't fly

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    our debut EP released in 2010

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debut EP


released September 1, 2010

recorded at black coffee sound spring 2010.

engineered by Clay Neely
produced by birds in paintings can't fly




all rights reserved


birds in paintings can't fly Rhode Island


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Track Name: why the wild things were the way they are
as the sky turns black and the silence consumes us all i’ll be keeping my mind wide open and ready for more. to await certain death is that why we’re brought into this world? to bleed but not be broken and to break but not feel a thing. the songbird and my heart are cellmates caged in by bars of bone. every second that passes he waits for his turn,
the songbird just waits for his turn to sing.

my lungs like two oceans that share the same river, my breaths like lone fish searching for all the others. the waves made by the wind carries my words like a colorful flock, every star in my head shines for birth of a new thought. but thoughts burn out and the distance light travels keeps my memories familiar.

-i make me sick but you make me better
and for you i deserve every disaster that comes my way-black out! you know its time
i don’t know what i’ve become -this monster it feeds on me…
Track Name: means
what was it like to be so close?
how does it feel to be so far from home?

-now your body’s in the wall it was the stench after all it’s your wedding day
how sad, it’s such a shame you have to end like this cause after all you’re a bloody mess.
Track Name: she's still a little weird
i licked my wounds, while the virus put me in my tomb
when she woke up there wasn’t enough left of me to consume

–there’s a man in the woods wrapped in silver there wasn’t enough (there wasn’t enough) time to bloom

-the moon was hers!
she leaves her scars!
Track Name: red skies
is there still human life on this desolate planet some used to call earth? this is a distress call to anyone willing to listen. i am on an island in a land that we used to call home. the sky is breathing red above me, the stars closer now. this dream is life, the reels keep spinning, the movie keeps going piece-by-piece, frame-by-frame.

and if it were to all end now what would we have to say? would anybody care? it doesn’t matter, because here is a new beginning another new chapter. for what comes from one death comes the birth of another life.

it’s you and me now its time to live
Track Name: london fog
i watched it all melt away then come back to me (as if it were nothing to begin with) the light bent by the prism unfolded (it meant the world to me) and showed its true self.

reach out and i’ll pull you up (so you can see for yourself) reach up i’ll pull you out (if you so choose to come)-

i saw how this could be and heard it true the mechanics of our bodies show through -as i climbed to the top i saw what it was and made it mine to love i saw how beautiful it could be soft like mist yet swirling

-lights lies fluorescent lies showering the colors of my eyes –what’s left but a shell of a guy who couldn’t take his own heart

-you’d better not waste your breath you’ll be missing it once the water pays its rent. we’re coming for you in your sleep your blankets soaked with piss for your sake stay awake!
Track Name: flashbulb
these flashbulb moments will swallow me alive they get at my insides make me think twice about what it is that makes me try

-cause i know i’ll be here again dragging feet and sucking wind
digging deep is my only bet i only hope to unlock something i haven’t discovered yet

-we’ll sink the earth will melt under our feet and i’m not scared but more so willing so take this medicine to cure not what you have but just give it to you instead.

the sky is furious with us and he spits when he speaks as i look up and argue back, why so soon? i’m barely broken yet
Track Name: northern lights
"and i resolved to scale that tower, fall though i might, for it were better to glimpse the sky than perish without ever beholding day”

i ran towards the sky just to find you and if i had a pen i would ask for your name.